Responsible Leadership Training

Program Overview

The responsible leadership certificate program, presented by the Institute of Responsible Innovation at the University of St. Gallen in collaboration with UNA TERRA, an impact investment fund, is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for addressing some of the most pressing societal challenges of our time. It features a mix of online and in-person modules, including dedicated lectures, expert speakers, business and mega trend analyses, live projects, and leadership coaching. Key components include self-assessments, stakeholder feedback, industry deep-dives, and culminates in a team presentation and reflection day. Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders benefit from this program by developing responsible leadership qualities, achieving tangible behavioral changes, and enhancing business results through a deep understanding of societal mandates, regulatory frameworks, and client preferences. The program's comprehensive approach, grounded in scientific research, prepares leaders to navigate and lead in the sustainability domain effectively.
Key Topics Covered:    Sustainability Mandates, ESG Metrics, Regulations, Future Trends, and Leadership Skills.

Benefits for Leaders

The program offers an industry-leading, comprehensive package to develop responsible leadership skills. Participants gain latest knowledge on sustainability issues, trends, and regulations. The experiential components allow application to real leadership challenges. Overall, it enables leaders to integrate sustainability into strategy and operations.

Key Dates

In person in St.Gallen: October 25 - 26 2024 & December 6 2024
Online sessions: November 8 and November 22 


The standard investment for the training is CHF 7,500. To honor our collaboration, we are thrilled to extend a special 20% discount to SECA partners (CHF 6,000). Moreover, we are committed to supporting the growth of smaller enterprises; thus, for companies with fewer than 50 team members, we offer an exclusive rate of CHF 5,000.

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